Irish Institute Classes


Our incredibly successful Irish language classes are scheduled to continue this Spring.

Using Progress In Irish and Gaeilge gan Stró Lessons, students enrolled in Molloy’s Irish Studies Language Program will be able to progress from true beginner to advanced Irish speaker while learning Gaelic Culture.  Total of 8 levels will be required to receive certificate of completion. Each level is comprised of 12 classes. 

Each level is $160 for adults and $120 for senior citizens and children (18 and under).  Discounts available for multi-family registration. 

*And don't forget our amazing Three-for-One Deal!* 

Pay for one class and you get two more free, one for your review and one for moving ahead more quickly!  Or use both free classes for review!

Scholarships also available.

For more information, contact Catherine Tully Muscente (516) 323-4710,

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