1955 Society

The 1955 Society
Continuing the Legacy

Julia O’Keeffe, '64
1955 Society Member

           When I graduated from Molloy in 1964, I was well equipped to handle the challenges that the teaching profession presented.  I had been given a work ethic that prepared me to achieve, to serve, and to lead.  When I retired in 1998, after teaching English for thirty-four years at H. Frank Carey High School, I returned to Molloy as an alumna and now enjoy attending monthly meetings of Lambda Iota Tau, the English Honor Society, established by Sister Mary Verity in the late 1960s.  Thus, my mind continues to be challenged by the "Royal" English Department as I participate in discussions on classical and modern literature.  I also served on the 50th Anniversary Committee, and became a member of the High Tea Committee.  Yes, Molloy continues to enrich my life; and so I am happy to include Molloy College in my last will and testament.  I know whatever money is ultimately bequeathed to the college will enable other young people to enjoy the benefits of a great education and a rewarding future. 

              Molloy College is sustained by the generosity of many alumni, friends, and faculty members who recognize the importance of planning their philanthropy by providing for Molloy through a bequest or other planned giving option.  Molloy recognizes these benefactors and their long-term commitment to the mission, based on Dominican traditions, by enrolling them in the 1955 Society. 

Continuing the Legacy by Teresa Gonzalez, '68

When the Class of 1968 graduated from Molloy College, both we and the college were young and looking forward to growth, challenges and changes.  On the eve of our 40th class reunion, about a dozen members of the class gathered for dinner.  It was a wonderful opportunity to renew our relationships and in many respects it felt as if we were back at Molloy, sharing ideas, feelings and life events.  Four decades have passed since we spent so much time together learning, studying, participating in clubs or activities, sharing meals, working, taking trips, and relaxing in “the smoker” yet it seems that our ties to each other have remained strong and important. 

The community and spirit of Molloy has given us the valuable and cherished gift of caring and supportive friends who have maintained relationships over time and who are willing to pick up connections with each other again.  As we talked about our Molloy experience and the foundation it has provided for our lives, we realized that we felt a responsibility to try to provide the same opportunity for another student through a scholarship named for our class. We have begun an effort to engage our classmates in pledging enough funding to endow a scholarship by the time of our 50th reunion. This effort will allow us to accomplish something as a group that most of us are unable to achieve individually.  We sincerely hope that as a result of our commitment, the scholarship will have a significant impact on a Molloy student who will be able to enjoy a meal and memories with cherished friends at a future reunion.  

You, too, can guide Molloy’s destiny by making a difference in the lives of future generations of students and Long Islanders through membership in the 1955 Society. 

To learn more, contact Mary Jane Reilly, Director of Alumni Relations, 516.323.4702 or mreilly@molloy.edu


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