Welcome New Graduates

Welcome, new graduates, to the Molloy College Alumni Association!  By virtue of your graduation you are now a member of this Association which has over over 21,000 living alumni, and we hope you will remain connected to the College as so many of our alumni do!

There are many ways to stay involved:

1) Continue to use your lions.molloy.edu email account.  You will log in just as you did as a student, and you will always have a consistent email addess to use during job searches and to communicate with family and friends. 

2) Update your contact information at alumni.molloy.edu.  You will be receiving invitations, newsletters and publications from Molloy, so it is important that you keep your contact information up to date, including your mailing address and your email address.  To review and update your profile, log in at the top of this page.  To log in for the first time, email Mary Jane Reilly, Director of Alumni Relations, for your constituent number. 

3) Stay connected through Social Media: follow the Molloy College Alumni Association page on Facebook, join our group on LinkedIn, and join our Molloy Alumni Events page on Facebook.

4) Stay in touch with your professors.  They can provide you with job references, networking opportunities, and career guidance.  They are proud of their students and enjoy hearing from them upon graduation.

5) Say "YES" when asked to attend a Molloy event.  You will see old friends, make new ones, and continue to take advantage of all that Molloy has to offer.  It does not need to end upon graduation!

6) Join the Board of the Alumni Association.  The Alumni Association Board meets approximately 8 times each year, in addition to attending and sponsoring events.  For more information contact Mary Jane Reilly.

6)  Support your alma mater: refer job openings to our Career Services office, volunteer to serve on the Alumni Association Board, tell everyone you know about your Molloy College experience, and donate annually to the Molloy Fund.  Think of all that you gained by attending this wonderful College; you now have the opportunity to give back!

Go Lions!

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